Our story

What is Graceanna?

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We are two sisters who have enjoyed just about everything growing up; the womb, hobbies, friends, etc. Fast forward 30 years and we now share a passion for wellness and beauty. 

We were born and raised in the Midwest and continue to reside here with our own beautiful families.


Kathryn Annabelle, a stay-at-home mama of 2 beautiful boys, devotes her time and energy into ensuring her family lives a clean and natural lifestyle. "I'm passionate about growing and preserving real food at home, creating my own herbal medicine and all-natural home and body care products, and working toward a more sustainable and self-sufficient life."


Krystle Grace, an established hairstylist, continues to progress her talents in the beauty industry and having a passion for chemical free makeup and skincare products. She has been in the beauty industry for 10 years and owns a beauty salon, GraceAnna Beauty, where you can pick up your favorite GraceAnna Lifestyle products. 

You'll notice middle names were included in our introductions. That is to help you, as a reader, to understand how we created our name. GraceAnna is simply a combination of our middle names. 


From our families to yours, you are sure to enjoy some products we have created for an all- natural, organic, and chemical-free lifestyle.